Wanagama from time to time

In the 1960s, critical land rehabilitation began in Gunung Kidul. Both the Faculty of Forestry UGM and the Forestry Service are undertaking rehabilitation efforts with silkworms. On July 10th, 1966, they gave 10 hectares of land in plot 5 to the UGM Faculty of Forestry to grow mulberry (Morus sp.) to feed silkworms, and this is when the name Wanagama first appeared. They increased the management area to 79.9 Ha in 1967 to show appreciation for Wanagama’s success. On March 3rd, 1982, they increased the size of Wanagama to 599.9 Ha. Therefore, Wanagama continues to grow until now. It has become an educational forest, “Wanagama Science Eco- Edu Forest.”

Wanagama might not be the same as it is today without the services of Wanagama’s pioneers. Dr. Soedjarwo was the head of the Special Region of Yogyakarta Forestry Service at that time, along with another Wanagama pioneer forester, Prof. Ir. Soedarwono H., Ir. R.I.S. Pramoedibjo, Prof. Dr. Ir. Oemi Hani’in, Ir. Darmakoem Darmakoesoemo, Ir. Pardyan, Prof. Dr. Ir. Soekotjo, and Ir. Tri Setiyo devotes all his energy, mind, and finances to building the Wanagama educational forest from scratch. Out of eight Wanagama pioneer foresters, only one woman is Prof. Dr. Ir. Oemi Hani’in. Her passion for developing Wanagama is unquestionable. Throughout her life, Prof. Oemi devoted his life to create a sustainable Wanagama forest.

Wanagama Pioneers